Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arby's Commercial Hate

You know I used to like Arby's food especially the curly fries, but they now are one commercial away from having me jump off a cliff. I can take it no more, the stupid Arby's hats popping up like a boner in silk boxers, the disgusting quotes, and the stupid ass looks on the actors faces! FAIL! The newest commercial has me seriously contemplating on never watching t.v. again.

Lets stop and think here what this guy was really thinking about by having his wife dress up in an Arby's uniform for his birthday. Was he really thinking about his wife or that fat toothless asshole that delivers him his curly fries on his lunch break? Calm down Tonto. I didn't realize the smell of a moldy big montana could give you an Arby's boner! I know if I asked my wife to dress up in an Arby's uniform and serve me a big montana she would tell me to shove that Arby's hat up my ass! So heres to the new Arby's commercial and everyone involved in making it. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

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  1. BIG FUCKING FAIL, imo...

    Second only to the NEW improved Arby's commercial that smells strongly of BESTIALITY...

    ICK, YUCK....nasty fuckin' place, imo...


  2. Not the worst fetish ever, but definitely one of the stupidest.

  3. Arby's "Roast beef" tastes like foul ham.