Tuesday, December 23, 2008

AT&T Samsung Commercial Hate

This right here is the reason that I have begun to write about my hatred for these hellish piles of bullshit. What in god's name would posses a company to create something so annoying, so outrageous, so disgusting in a despicable attempt to sell a product??!!?? FAIL! This could very well drive me to the edge of insanity if I hear or see this commercial again. Talking thumbs GENIUS! Give me a break! The part with the little Screech Powers looking thumbs saying, "That's insanium in the cranium DAWG!" is like a screeching banshee. Every time I hear that voice it makes me jump out of my skin! Or the part with the thumbs saying, "Shake your money maker!", with that high pitch squeal. Nice skull cap douche bag. I hope you shake your money maker off a cliff! I would rather be chained to a chair in a dark basement with my eye lids taped open forced to watch 2 girls 1 cup on repeat for 36 hours straight than see or hear any part of this disgusting video from hell again. Seriously I cannot take this anymore. It must be stopped. It must be stopped!

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