Monday, December 15, 2008

Taco Bell Commercial Hate

Today's commercial is the new Taco Bell ad featuring the ground breaking "79, 89, 99" song. Featured here:

I have seen this commercial more and more these past few days and all I can say is, FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!
This is one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard in my life and it makes me twitch every time I see or hear this commercial. The young kids scrounging up the change to buy nachos from Taco Bell, hanging out having a great time in the parking lot! Come on! When is the last time you've seen anyone having so much fun over having to scrounge up change to buy nachos from Taco Bell??? Hey guys I have a great idea on what to do tonight. Lets all scrounge up enough change from the couch to go buy nachos from Taco Bell and have a huge dance party in Taco Bell's parking lot! FAIL! With every fist pump during that commercial I lose a little more self control over myself. If I have to see one more idiot fist pump and throw their girlfriend up in the air over the thought of buying a grade z chalupa I might have a heart attack! Here is a thought for the makers of this commercial. How about you go and take some of those tacos and have those assholes from the commercial fist pump them up your ass! Aiy! Aiy! Aiy!

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