Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fruit Roll Ups Commercial Hate

"Dude why?" is fucking right! Fuck these fucking assholes. I'm sick of this shit. What do a floating tone def Opie and Zach Morris wannabe have to do with fruit fucking roll ups??? I can not believe that I even witnessed this commercial! What the fuck is going on in the minds of these advertisers??? Sales are down on fruit roll ups. What are we gonna do? Eureka! Why don't we put a monotone floating Pete and Pete in cowboy pajamas and a blond headed 12 year old asshole with a comb over and have them say some stupid fucking catch phrase that will drive the American people fucking insane! "Why are you harshing my dream mellow, dude why? Why are you alive, dude why??? Float your ass off a cliff Opie. And take your midget Rogaine candidate with you.

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  1. I'll agree on this one 100 percent. My first reaction was, "Is that redheaded kid on drugs? He talks like the potheads who lived across the hall from me in the dorm back in college?"


  2. either a pot head or a just a tone def retard

  3. dude stfu i fin love this

  4. the commercial wasn't all bad