Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sobe Superbowl Commercial Hate

Here it is. This is by far the worst fucking Superbowl commercial ever made.

What do Ray Lewis, tights, ballet, and lizards have in common? Sobe of course! Wow. So that's what a million bucks gets you these days. You fucking assholes Sobe. You spend millions on Superbowl air time and 3-D effects only to put Ray Lewis in tights and dance around like a fairy during a gay pride parade. All the 3-D hype and millions of dollars only to have a bunch of animated lizards and some fucking blob thing DJ some shit music that sounded like it was from dance dance revolution. Fuck you Sobe. The worst part was that it was in 3-D. You really thought that by putting Ray Lewis, Matt Light, and Justin Tuck in tights dancing to techno music with lizards and a giant blue blob of shit in 3-D was going to sell your fucking product???? I hope your real proud of yourselves. "I know how we can sell more Sobe. We get Ray Lewis, Matt Light, and Justin Tuck in these tights and have them dance, are you ready for this....We have them dance to ballet music in 3-D during the Superbowl! And then we finish it off by adding this giant blue blob that looks like it came out of Ray Lewis' ass after he drank some Sobe and have the lizard DJ to dance dance revolution!" Genius! Next time take that 3-D blob of Sobe shit and shove it back where it came from! Assholes!

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  1. What the hell kind of acid trip were these people on who made this commercial!?

  2. hahaha probably smoking the same stuff that the o-mazing grace guy is

  3. That may have been the worst Super Bowl commercial ever.

  4. Ya, I was creeped out as well.

  5. I don't mind the first part of it, where they're doing the ballet stuff... it's just silly stuff on purpose, which is what makes life worth living.

    However, that thing at the end, where they transform that guy's face into a lizard?
    Yikes! Yeah, THAT's just disturbing.

    I agree; this doesn't really make me crave Sobe. :)

  6. Cringing while watching this...
    What am I supposed to SOOO BELIEVE...
    completely gay and lame, a bunch of grown men in white spandex prancing and then turning into lizards, obviously written by a woman ...