Monday, April 13, 2009

A Little Post Easter Humor

Easter is about making love.

Peeps. Every year with the peeps. I fucking hate peeps and yet somehow manage to acquire enough peeps for a marshmallow army. Well its good to know that there are other people out there that really hate peeps.

P.E.T.A. Fail you motherfuckers fail! Even on Easter you send out your little troll minions to attempt and break the souls of the innocent.

O.K.... What???

Worst fucking Easter basket ever put together! Come on lady put a little effort into your life. What the fuck is anyone supposed to do with this stuff???

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  1. I LOVE Peeps! haha...but the best way to eat them is to put them in the microwave for 20 seconds or so - they blow up to like 4x their normal size. When you take them out they shrink back down and get nice and chewy. Much better that way.

  2. Oh my god, every day my hatred for PETA grows stronger.

  3. Speaking of Peeps ... I was visiting my fibromyalgic Motherdear over the weekend, and she acknowledged where she found chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs to be better for her than Peeps.

    For starters, she's a Type II diabetic, so has to watch it on the sweet stuff.

    Which brings up the next point: She prefers the chocolate marshmallow eggs every Easter as they're not as sweet as Peeps, yet still OK in view of her diabetic condition.

  4. PETA? I fucking can't stand those bastards! Peeps? Those are gross too. I feel ya baby.

  5. I hate PETA! They are assholes! I also hate peeps. I feel ya baby!

  6. Ha Ha...
    Photo #1 explains the existence of my beloved Cadbury Eggs....

  7. Angi- I'm glad someone likes those things

    Shawn- They need to be taken down

    The Exaggerator- If they're not as sweet they must o.k.

    ettarose- It's good to know I'm not alone

    SpeakDog- hahaha

  8. Thanks Easter bunny - *bak, bak*!

  9. peeps make me ill.. come to think of it.. so does Peta

  10. Me-Me King-hahaha the easter bunny needs some lovin too

    dizzblnd-i think peeps were produced by Peta